Thursday, September 28, 2006's my turn!

The little bundle of joy has turned up at mine and it's absolutely fantastic...even the Postie looked excited! After toying with the idea of running away with it and settling down on a deserted island with only coconuts for company (or a basketball for the lucky one's) I duly took some photographs for your pleasure...Many thanks to Fiona for the lovely gifts; I didnt want to disturb the gorgeous black and orange wrapping but quickly changed my mind when I reminded myself there was something new and interesting inside for me...I'll post again soon with my artwork...Maxi xx

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paulo the Pirate by Fes (otherwise known as Fiona Sansom)

I was delighted to be the next recipient of the Travelling Sketchbook two weeks ago! It arrived on a Saturday morning and for once the Postman didn't have to see me in my dressing gown... I was actually up and about (shock horror!). It was most exciting to see everyones work.

Thanks to Lynda for the lovely note book! Just the right size to pop in my handbag.

After procrastinating, dithering, delaying and generally slacking I finally knuckled down and did some drawing. So here's my entry. I'm in a Pirate mood I think ;0)

This was done digitally, because I would have taken even longer to finish my pages if I'd had to paint it in the traditional manner.